Authenticity Check

Lepow’s Original Authenticity Label
See an example of the authenticity label and code below

The U.S. inquiry email is: cs@lepow.us
LEPOW official website: www.lepowglobal.com
LEPOW authenticity label is as below.
Please check the product to confirm the existence of the sticker.
If you need help finding it, or just want to be sure, shoot us an email at cs@lepowglobal.com

How to tell if the green sticker is the LEPOW official authenticity code

How to check the authenticity of your Lepow Product using our website

Scroll up top and enter your 16-digit authenticity code. This code can only be redeemed once.

If the code is genuine you will receive this reply:
“Thank you for purchasing an authentic Lepow product.”

If the code has already been redeemed you will receive this reply:
“The 16 digit authenticity code has already been checked at (year/month/day), the code is no longer effective.”

If the code is invalid you will receive this reply:
“The code you have entered is not valid. Please check your code again. The item you have purchased may be counterfeit.”