Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  1. What's the difference between lithium ion and lithium polymer?
  2. Lithium ion is found in more batteries, but the reasons are mostly economic. Lithium ion is a cheaper battery to manufacture and produce so many companies use this to keep costs low and earn more profit. Lepow uses lithium polymer batteries that do cost more to manufacture, but we chose this because of its safety benefits. We want the batteries to protect while it charges and lithium polymer allows for that.
  3. What products does Lepow offer?
  4. We have a wide variety of portable chargers including Moonstone, Impression, Poki, Pie, Simplicity and U-Stone. We also have a Modre Bluetooth speaker and Graphene tempered glass screen protector. More products can be found here.
  5. How do I charge a Lepow portable charger?
  6. You can charge the Lepow battery either by connecting the micro-USB cable to a USB AC adapter (such as an iPhone adapter) or computer USB port. A micro-USB cable is included in the package.
  7. How do I charge my device with Lepow portable charger?
  8. Connect your phone to Lepow battery with the cable included (for Apple and other non micro-USB devices, please use the cable that came with your phone) in the package. It should automatically start to charge.
  9. How many times can I charge my smartphone?
  10. Portable iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus iPad Air 2 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Samsung Galaxy S5 LG Nexus 6
    Pie 3000mAh 1.7× 1.0× 0.1× 1.0× 1.1× 1.4×
    Moonstone 3000mAh 1.7× 1.0× 0.1× 1.0× 1.1× 1.4×
    Moonstone 6000mAh 3.3× 2.1× 0.1× 1.9× 2.1× 2.9×
    Moonstone 9000mAh 5.0× 3.1× 0.3× 2.8× 3.2× 4.3×
    U Stone 12000mAh 6.6× 4.1× 0.4× 3.8× 4.6× 5.7×
    Poki 5000mAh 2.8× 1.7× 0.2× 1.6× 1.8× 2.4×
    Poki 10000mAh 5.5× 3.4× 0.4× 3.1× 3.6× 4.8×
  11. How long does it take to recharge a Lepow Product?
  12. Portable Charge Time
    Pie 3000mAh 4.5 hours
    Moonstone 3000mAh 3.5 hours
    Moonstone 6000mAh 0.8 hours
    Moonstone 9000mAh 0.9 hours
    U Stone 12000mAh 7.0 hours
    Poki 5000mAh 5.0
    Poki 10000mAh 8.0
  13. What devices can be charged using the Lepow batteries?
  14. Apple phones and tablets, Android phones and tablets, some Nokia (phone voltage needs to be 5V), GoPro, mp3 players, and e-readers.
  15. When I connect the battery to the wall charger, it won't charge itself.
  16. When you charge the U Stone 12000 mAh, make sure the output of the charger is 2.1A or larger. When you charge other products, if the product won't charge itself, try a different charger or cable to make sure both the charger and cable work. Please also try to charge it using a computer or laptop. Otherwise even when we send a new product to you, it will have the same issue. We will send a new product to you if the one you purchased is defective within one year.
  17. How long can a Lepow battery charger hold its charge?
  18. Normally all Lepow battery chargers can hold a charge for up to six months.
  19. Can I charge my Lepow battery in foreign countries outside of the US?
  20. Since the Lepow batteries are charged via a computer USB port or a USB-based AC wall charger (like iPhone adapter) with a USB connection, they can be charged anywhere in the world as long as the AC wall charger is compatible.
  21. Is there power consumed when I'm not using it to charge my phone?
  22. No, the charger will turn off automatically after a few seconds if it's not used thanks to the Smart Chip.
  23. Do you provide a wall plug-in charger in the package?
  24. No, we don't provide a wall plug-in charger in the package. Any 5V 1 amp or 2 amp AC adapter is compatible with Lepow battery chargers.
  25. Can I download a Lepow user guide?
  26. Please see find the manual on the support page.
  27. How should I take care of my products?
  28. Go through at least one charge cycle per month.

    Keeping the juice in the battery moving occasionally is important to the proper maintenance of a lithium-based battery. Going through at least one charge cycle per month will help better maintain the battery life. Let the smartphone run until the power is less than 20% and then recharge it.

    Avoid overcharging

    The Smart Chip inside of Lepow's external batteries will automatically turn off when charging is completed to avoid overcharging your smart phone. However, for times when you don't use a Lepow product, please unplug your smartphone within 5 hours of charging completion.

    Avoid excess heat

    The Smart Chip inside of Lepow's external battery will protect your smartphone from excess heat generated during charging. In the extreme circumstances, charging your smartphone using the battery cases or portable chargers may generate excess heat, which can affect your battery capacity. If you notice that your smart phone gets hot when you charge it, unplug it first. If the problem still exists, contact LepowCare support and we are happy to help you all the time.

  29. What does mAh stand for?
  30. Milliamps per hour. mAh is used to measure the strength and capacity of the battery. The higher the mAh, the greater capacity. 1,000 mAh is equal to one amp per hour.