About Lepow

We're Passionate About What We Do.

Who We Are

We are the creators of digital fun. Our unique imagination and inspiration comes from life. We want to connect the digital and life together to make digital life more interesting, more imaginative.

About Lepow

Lepow was founded on August 15, 2011 after co-founders Jacky Fan and Ryan Zhou realized the lack of design and creativity in China in the phone accessories category. They named the company Lepow with Le (乐) meaning happiness and Pow (泡) meaning power. The company specializes in designing and creating portable chargers and Bluetooth speakers. It has recently branched out to smart accessories with HiSmart.

In 2013, after finding success in the Chinese market, Lepow decided to create a U.S. branch that started out in Los Angeles. They were quickly recognized by tech media and built up a fan base full of people who love uniquely designed products. In 2014, Lepow has moved their U.S. branch to Silicon Valley where it now operates with a team of 10 people.





We are a team filled with artists and entrepreneurs.

Lepow's team has a little bit of everything: Chinese literature majors, advertising majors, graphic design majors and many more. Together we are bound by our love for art and creativity. Everyone at Lepow has some artistic side to them whether it be full scale painting or just little doodles on pieces of paper. It currently has 10 employees in the U.S. and over 80 in China.