Virtue Time

Design and Quality For All To See.

Designed with Sincerity

We wanted to show the true quality of our product by allowing for a translucent screen and a modernized design. There are a lot of Lepow copycats and we want them to copy it right for the sake of safety and quality. The see-through screen allows for the motherboard to be displayed.

Time is Ticking

Unlike any other portable charger, this can tell you the time. It can be set to the location you are at and if you ever need to know the time, just tap the translucent screen.

Please Leave a Message

Use it for reminders and for encouragement everyday! Express yourself with 126 characters or less!

72 Degrees and Sunny

Virtue Time comes with a high quality sensor that can detect the temperature of the environment. It’s great for outdoor use and travel.

Lean, Mean, Speedy Machine

Equipped with a 2.1A output, the Virtue Time can be recharged in 8 hours. The Virtue Time is 100% compatible with all major devices and will charge your smartphone in just 1-2 hours.

3.6 inches (9.14 cm)
3.0 inches (7.62 cm)
0.8 inches (2.03 cm)
4.94 oz (140 g)

5 - 45 degrees celsius
5.0V +- 0.25V (DC5V)